Gillian contributed immeasurably to the successfully redesigned museum at the LBJ Presidential Library by producing media that stands as a vital component of the visitor experience. In particular, the orientation film she produced offers a perfect introduction, whetting the appetite of visitors who eagerly anticipate the rest of the museum. Our consistently growing attendance numbers stand as a testament to her superlative work.
— Mark K. Updegrove, Director, LBJ Presidential Library
Gillian is a talented creative who knows not only how to deliver strong story telling and visuals but keeps her eyes on the prize of “on time and on budget.”

She’s a pleasure as a collaborator.
— Pam Caragol, Executive Producer, National Geographic Wild,
The 100-ft Big Screen Theater is our premiere theater at the Newseum, and the most technically and creatively challenging.

Gillian took on the challenge to produce “Artists Unite,” our best Big Screen Theater production to date. Gillian is highly creative, collaborative, passionate, and driven. She pushes everyone around her to make the best product possible.
— Doug Yuan, Executive Producer, Newseum